Cryptocurrency Exchange
Software Development

Webcom Systems is a cryptocurrency exchange software development company that engineers in developing
an impeccable cryptocurrency exchange software to catalyze safe and fast transactions.

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What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Cryptocurrency trades are documented on the blockchain, flooring the way for decentralized value exchange. By devising a cryptocurrency exchange for yourself, you can be a part of the chain of the Billion dollar metamorphosis that’s coming your way.

Once you get to know the way businesses and exchanges work it would help you understand crypto buyer-seller contract behaviour with expertise.

Webcom Systems experienced blockchain developers will produce you a customizable and scalable cryptocurrency exchange stage with a particular focus on security, connectivity, and seamless setting. Be the firm which secures digital asset revolution by Cryptocurrency Exchange Development. Let’s commence!

Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange
Software Solutions

Cryptocurrency exchanging started through White label Bitcoin exchange software, and various cryptocurrencies have attained prompt realization and recognition among the digital community. But developing a committed White Label Crypto Exchange Software from scratch is a slow process, not to mention the substantial cost incited during the designing and development stage.

Including our advanced white label cryptocurrency exchange software, you will acquire a state-of-the-art platform customized to gratify your specifications and necessities. It isn’t done and over with yet, our cutting-edge digital asset exchange software copulated with top of the line security features offer quite a performance for stress-free transactions. Our white label exchange solutions are composed to help you save on critical time and unexpected costs.

Our cryptocurrency exchange software has enlisted features:

Matching Engine with 20,000 TPS

Cost-efficient than creating from scratch

Profoundly customizable

Catering Liquidity through order routing

IEO Integrated

Tokenizer to Design Tokens

We extend a stage to produce tokens for IEO projects to be patronized by the investors in the Exchange.


KYC/AML services in IEO will be governed by the Exchanges. With the aid of third-party bonds, we make sure the investors are reviewed and examined before boarding into the Transactions/ Exchange.

Investor Dashboard

For every time, users who made a new login get triggered to improve the We realize a Powerful Investor Dashboard with the white paper, KYC/AML confirmation, security with 2 Factor Authorization and Wallet assistance.

Marketplace to List IEOs

Admins can establish and list IEO plans in the Exchange, and the investors can conclude the type of project based on its business utility.

Issuer Dashboard

Webcom Blockchain Development will incur a user-friendly issuer dashboard where the scheme owner can add details about the scheme/ project, observe demand -supply of tokens, manage token supply, etc.

IEO Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard is composed of features like KYC/AML attestation, deal with IEO projects, transactions, Flag investor and projects, withdraw funds and so on.

One-page Exchange Development

Contrary to traditional cryptocurrency transactions and exchanges, One-Page Exchange fastens up the mechanism by eradicating the KYC process verification, deposit/withdrawal price, and concurrently permitting negotiating or exchanging between various cryptocurrencies.

The One-page exchange proposes crypto-enthusiasts & amateur investors a user-friendly channel/ interface and components such as matching engine, wallets and other functionalities established in the backend.
Contrary to other traditional cryptocurrency exchanges where tokens are used for availing transaction discounts or pay exchange fees, the one-page exchange allows tokens to be registered with the purpose of trade.